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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from Towers of Midnight, Chapter 39.


Nakomi is a woman Aviendha meets in the Waste while traveling to Rhuidean to pass through the Glass Columns and become a Wise One. She approaches Aviendha without Aviendha sensing and is either unable to channel or has masked the ability. She dresses as a normal Aiel woman but something about her puts Aviendha in mind of a Wise One. She asks Aviendha why the Aiel would return to the three fold land if they have met their toh and no longer require either punishment or shaping. She suggests to Aviendha that the reason some refuse to follow Rand is that they are worried about what it will mean for them when the Last Battle is done. After sharing food with Aviendha, she claims to need to see to nature and disappears. Aviendha goes to look for her, but when she returns, Nakomi has been back to Aviendha's camp and taken her things.


"So, once we have fought for the Car'a'carn, we will have met that toh. And therefore, will have no reason to be punished further. If that is the case, why would we return to this land."

"How do we find honour in raiding, in killing one another if we are no longer preparing for such an important task?"