New Spring: Chapter 3

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Chapter Icon: A Fish

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Siuan, Moiraine, Myrelle, Tarna, the other Accepted, Tamra



Siuan and Moiraine are walking through the corridors. They decide to skip breakfast as they both feel as if they couldn't eat a thing and head towards the Accepted quarters. In Siuan's room, they begin to practice for the Aes Sedai test, with Siuan attempting to make Moiraine lose her concentration. After a little while, Myrelle enters the room and joins in their practicing. Together, Siuan and Myrelle do a good job of distracting Moiraine.

Tarna Feir, another Accepted, arrives and tells the three other girls that the Amyrlin Seat has summoned the Accepted to the Oval Lecture Hall, and also tells them that Gitara died.

When the four of them reach the Lecture Hall, all of the other Accepted are already there, all of them gossiping about why Tamra wishes to speak to them. One girl thinks that they are all to be tested immediately for the shawl, while another thinks that Gitara had a Foretelling about the end of the White Tower, so they are all going to be sent home.

When Tamra enters the room, she puts all of these rumors to rest. She announces to them all that, in thanksgiving for the continued safety of Tar Valon, the Tower will be awarding each woman in the city and surrounding area who has recently had a child with one hundred crowns. As there are no available Aes Sedai around, she is sending them into the camps nearest to the city to record information on each child that has been born. Each Accepted will be accompanied by four guards. She warns them to be careful, as there are Whitecloaks with the army.

As the Accepted leave, Moiraine and Siuan are both very excited. They know that Tamra wishes to find the Dragon Reborn.

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