Towers of Midnight: Chapter 39

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In the Three fold Land

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Point of View: Aviendha

Location: The Waste

Characters: Aviendha, Nakomi


Aviendha talks to a strange woman, Nakomi about the Aiel's role in the world.


Aviendha is on her way to Rhuidean. She thinks the Wetlands are making the Aiel soft and that they need to leave and return to the Waste. A woman who names herself Nakomi approaches the fire. Nakomi asks about Rand and the Wetlands. She asks Aviendha if the tests the Aiel are to face in the Last Battle are as dangerous as those of the Three Fold Land. Aviendha asks Nadomi her Sept, but she avoids the question, saying it isn't her place to give those truths. Nakomi points out that the Three Fold Land was a punishment for their sin and once their toh has been paid it would be wrong to return. She asks Aviendha why the Aiel should continue the old ways if they are no longer preparing for an important task. She wanders off and does not return.


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Who is Nakomi?
What does she mean that it isn't her place to give truths about her Sept?
Where does she disappear to?

Character Development


Aviendha is forced to confront the Aiel's future and past.

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